Travel to maldives tips

Remember Maldives is an archipelago and you have various options to stay and enjoy the paradise that the country really is. The options vary from huge airconditioned bungalows to luxury rooms and suites to lovely cottages on stilts by the sea. Book well in advance if you need rooms in the peak season starting from November through April.
Travel within the Maldives itself offers excitement as there are many options. Ibrahim Nasir International Airport is located on an island of its own which is just over a kilometer long. The island is for the exclusive usage of the airport and is only 10 minutes from the capital by boat. You have inter-island air fleet (Air taxis) that provide the most spectacular view of the country from the sky while providing a comfortable ride to your destination. Local boats or Dhoanis (Ave speed: 7 knots) are the most common means of transport between islands. There is a regular ferry service between the Airport and Male. Modern speed boats and Safari vessels are also available to explore the atolls.

Exploring an island by foot is likely to take not more than half an hour. Taxis in Male’ are not metered, charging very nominally for a stop anywhere within the city. They can be hailed on the road or called through taxi services.
Maldives is a melting pot of many cultures. It is believed that the earliest inhabitants of the island are Dravidians from South India and the Yakka and Naga people from Sri Lanka. With the coming of the Arabs, Islamic traditions replaced the Hindu and Buddhist traditions and now Maldives is an Islamic country. The people are a extremely  friendly and very simple in their outlook.

Swimsuits and beachwear are confined to the resorts and while visiting an inhabited island or the capital, visitors should be adequately dressed.. It is vital to pack your light summer cotton clothing, as the climate in Maldives is warm and humid.

Maldivians traditionally eat with their fingers. It is also considered unhygienic to touch food with the left hand. If in doubt, always use a spoon.A large number of locals smoke, but smoking and eating “in front of the locals”, during Ramadan is discouraged.
Though Divehi is the native language, English is widely used and understood by the people.

When entering a mosque, the legs and the body, but not the neck and the face, should be covered.

Handshaking is the most common form of greeting. 
One can find all basic amenities conforming to international quality and standards.

Ibrahim Nasir International Airport is a hub for transport and travel to the resorts and the countries regional centers. Sea Transports includes Scheduled Ferries and Speed Boats, Domestic Air Services includes Island Aviation and Mega Maldives and Sea Plane Services includes TMA and Maldivian Air taxi

The local currency is Rufiya. A Rufiyaa is made up of 100 laari. The exchange rate in today’s market is between Rf. 15.42 – Rf.17 to a US Dollar. You may buy local currency at the Bank of Maldives Airport Branch located in the arrival hall of the International Terminal. If you are heading out to a resort you need not have to worry about the local currency as all your bills at the resort can be paid by US Dollar, Euro, or any other European currency. All major credit cards are also accepted at the resorts. However, if you are visiting Male’ or any of the local islands you will need to hold local currency for purchase you may wish to make.


Telephones & Mobile phones
All resorts offer IDD telephone services. If you are planning to use your mobile phones, please check with your serviceprovider if it will work with the networks in Maldives. Mobile telephone services in Maldives are offered by Dhiraagu and Wataniya Telecom Maldives.

In the Airport, the business centre is located outside the arrival terminal which provides wireless internet connection(Wi-fi). International stations are also located in the departure lounge after check-in and immigration. All the resorts in the Maldives offer internet services. Some resorts offer broadband connections in the room while others offer Wi-Fi zones at key locations on the island. Throughout Maldives, one should be able to find business centres and cyber cafés and connectivity is not a problem.

An outlet of Maldives Post is located outside the departure hall of the International Terminal. All services except money transfer services are available at the Maldives Post outlet in the Airport. If you are in a resort, drop your letters or postcards in the postbox provided in the resort and the resort will ensure that your mail is delivered to the postal system. Or you can make use of the postal and courier services provided by Maldives Post Limited. Almost all International Couriers are also represented in Male’.

Health & Fitness Activities

• Gyms and Fitness Centers
There are several avenues for residents in Male’ to keep fit and healthy. Gyms and aerobics centers offer group sessions as well as personal coaches and are well equipped with the latest gym facilities.

• Jogging and Swimming
Jogging is one of the leisurely activities enjoyed by the locals and foreigners in Male’. The street along the south and eastern water front of Male’ are popular with joggers especially in the evenings. Swimming is popular too. An area of the lagoon in the south eastern side of Male’ is set aside for swimming. Many residents of male’ go to the artificial beach on the eastern side.

• Dive Centers in Male’
Diving is not exclusive for resort dwellers. The residents of Male’ can also enjoy the pleasures of the underwater. Dive centers in Male’ offer rental equipments and dive excursions on a regular basis in addition to dive courses leading to dive certification. Male’ is the home to some of the surf breaks in the country. The south east reef of Male’, which is also the southern tip of North male’ Atoll provides a couple of shifting peaks, popular with locals riding surfboards and boogie boards. The break known as Gurus is locally referred to as Raalhugadu.

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