Cargo Delivery
  • Cargo Arrival Notification
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    When a consignment arrives to any destination, a fax transmission should be sent to the consignee immediately, this should include following information.
    • a) - Master Airway bill number
    • b) - Arrival flight
    • c) - Arrival date
    • d) - Actual and received packages and weight.
    • e) - Consignee address

    In an absence of acknowledgment from the consignee, two reminders should be sent. First one after 07 days after the actual notification and final reminder should be sent after 21 days of arrival of cargo. If consignee fails to collect delivery within 30 days the goods will be auctioned in public auction.

    Note All shipments arriving at Male' should carry a fax number on the master airway bill for notification, if not GMIAL CARGO SERVICES will not be held responsible for any demurrage caused by the delay in delivery.

  • Entitlement To Delivery
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    Any consignment may only be delivered to
    • a) - The consignee on the Master Airway bill.
    • b) - An agent appointed by the consignee with written instruction.
    • c) - Consignee on HAWB (In case of consolidation).
    • d) - Notifying party if provided with a written endorsed instruction from the consignee, if notification party and consignee differ.

  • Release of Shipment
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    A Shipment must be released only when the Cargo Release Order is issued from GMIAL CARGO SERVICES, this document is issued when all necessary government formalities of Delivery are complied and relevant charges are paid.