Cargo Claim

  • Definition Of Claim
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    Financial compensation being asked by a customer or his representative for mishandling that occurred during contract of Carriage resulting in delay, damage and/or loss to the goods carried.

  • Legal Liability
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    GMIAL CARGO SERVICES maximum legal liability is USD 20.00 or equivalent per kilogram. This limitation is not applicable when the shipper has declared a higher value for carriage and paid the applicable valuation charge. For such cases the limit of liability will be equivalent to the declared value of carriage.

  • Types of claims
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    Mishahdled or Delayed Cargo
    Time taken for carriage of a consignment is not itself a base for claim as no time is fixed for completion of carriage. Booking of cargo on a particular flight does not override the Conditions of Carriage. Assessment of such claim will be based on the cause of the delay and/or proof of financial loss if any, to the claimant.

    Partial Loss / Pilerage
    The claims are dealt same as total loss. The limit of liability is for the items or weight lost (weight of package concerned). The exact weight of the delivered consignment is mandatory.

    Damaged Cargo
    Assessment of liability is the same as for loss but salvage must be considered if the claim is for full value of goods. As for partial loss, a copy of the Delivery order recording the exact number of packages and the weight at the time of delivery.

    Lost Cargo
    Settlement can be made on evidence of total loss while the cargo was in custody of GMIAL CARGO SERVICES. Loss is accessed as the value/weight of goods at the commencement of carriage and limited to the Carrier's Limit of Liability.

  • Perishables
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    A report indicating the storage details right from the time the shipment was received by us till the time it was delivered to consignee. If the perishable shipment found unfit for human consumption then the Goods Confiscated report should be provided.

  • General Documents Required to Submit a Claim
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    • a) An initial letter of claim, from a claimant
    • b) A copy of Master Airway bill
    • c) A copy of House Airway bill if the consignment is against House Air waybill
    • d) Packing List
    • e) A copy of Commercial Invoice, accompanying the shipment

    For purpose of processing a claim GMIAL CARGO SERVICES must receive a written application for a claim, addressed to Manager Cargo Services enclosed with all necessary documentation described in 10.6.4.

  • Cargo Claim Forms
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    Cargo Claim forms is available at Cargo Services cashier counter for 50.0 MVR.